Mukah Division includes the Districts of Mukah, Dalat, Matu,
Daro and Tanjung Manis, and the Sub-Districts of Balingian, Oya
and Igan. The Division is located in the central region with a 200
kilometre coastline fronting the South China Sea.

Mukah town is the capital and well-connected via daily flights by
MASWings from Kuching (1 hour), Sibu (30 minutes) and Miri (30
minutes). Express bus services run regularly from Sibu, Bintulu,
Miri and Kuching.

Mukah, is becoming increasingly popular among local and
foreign visitors. Various infrastructural projects undertaken by
the State Government has connected Mukah town to the rest of
Sarawak such as the coastal road to Bintulu.